Personal - Individual - Human

We make daily life possible.

At home.

As part of the Hochtaunus palliative care team, the Löwenzahn help team was founded in April 2020. We support people of all ages to meet the demands of everyday life. This enables them to live as normally as possible in their familiar home environemnt and lessens the burden on their relatives.

People, with their individual needs and wishes, are the core of our activities. We strive for a relationship built on trust and partnership, and we place great value on respectful interaction both within the team and in our exchanges with clients.
Our services include support with daily care (referral of qualified staff in cases where specific medical care is required), housekeeping services, including cooking, ironing, cleaning, or doing the shopping.

When daily life becomes difficult...

A typical day is full of a variety of tasks and routines that make up daily life. But when these tasks and routines become increasingly difficult, i.e. overwhelming, exhausting, or require additional assistance, then …

… help is at hand!

Our team is by your side to lend a helping hand:

  • help with household tasks,
  • help you with your daily care,
  • accompany you or your relatives to doctor's appointments,
  • help your children with their homework and much more...
Day or Night.

HELP TEAM HOCHTAUNUS: We can offer you a wide range of support, either long-term or as a temporary solution, with anything that helps you to manage your daily routine.

Remain in your familiar home surroundings - our support team comes to you.

Anneke Raupach

Head of the Hochtaunus care team


Care €35.00

  • Help with daily care
  • Housekeeping services
  • Guidance on applying for subsidies
  • Gardening

Accompaniment €30.00

  • Accompaniment to doctors’ visits and cultural events
  • Going for a walk
  • Reading aloud, playing games etc.

Night Respite €300.00

Someone will stay and maintain vigil from 10 pm to 6 am. You will be able to sleep calmly, knowing your loved ones are in safe hands.

Travel Journey €8.00

We also need to travel to you. We charge €8.00 for travel journeys. We consider this to be very fair, as it just about covers the actual costs.

Want to be part of our care team?

Apply now! We also welcome your messages at info@hilfsteam-loewenzahn.de .