Loewenzahn Hochtaunus gGmbH is a non-profit company. It was founded in April 2020 as a direct result of the strong belief Palliativteam Hochtaunus GmbH places on a multi-professional approach to palliative care. 

“One stop” service centre

We see ourselves as a services support centre for sick and elderly people and their relatives. We offer "one stop" support for all palliative care services. Accordingly, we coordinate care services with established providers (Specialised Outpatient Palliative Care (SOPC), doctors' practices, nursing services, outpatient hospice services, social services) and fill existing gaps in care if necessary. We facilitate coordination, and sort out any issues, so that the burden on those affected is kept to a minimum.

Our service centre aims to enable people to remain in their familiar surroundings in a self-determined and dignified manner during the last phase of their lives. We work both directly in-person on-site or by telephone, as well as via our digital platform.



GENERAL OUTPATIENT PALLIATIVE CARE: Together with your family doctor, we ensure that you are cared for in your home, or in a nursing home if critically ill.

HELP TEAM HOCHTAUNUS: We can offer you a wide range of support, either long-term or as a temporary solution, with anything that helps you to manage your daily routine.


THERAPY TEAM HOCHTAUNUS: We help you to cope with your illness and complement medical and nursing treatment with our diverse therapeutic services.

Want to get in touch with us?

You can find all relevant contact information on our contact page! We also welcome your messages at info@loewenzahn-ggmbh.de .